Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Product Description

•Anti-senility / Delay aging
•Extreme whitening effect
•Increases regeneration of collagen
•Hydration / Moisturizing skin
•Retains skin radiance
•Restores skin elasticity
•Reduces facial blemishes

Nano is a unit for length measurement (One nanometer is 1/10 of one micrometer). Nano gold is a molecule synthesized through the state-of-art atomic reconstruction technology. In other words, nano gold is composed by gold particles of nanometric dimensions. Since it’s particle is folliculated, it is very easy for the skin to absorb, and penetrates deep inside the body through non-invasive operations.

The silky-nanometer particles are equivalent to human nonporous at 1/200, can easily penetrate into the leather bottom and speed up cell metabolism, excluding foreign body of impurities, coupled with unique aging formula. 5GF omnipotent factor, in return it can activate the cells, to promote collagen hyperplasia, defend skin aging, regeneration activation, flexibling skin health. This results in soft, smooth, crystal clear skin, from inside out disseminating the charming qualities of one’s true beauty.

Many people face the problem of facial spots where the main cause is the excessive of skin oxidation. 5GF has the ability to remove the oxidation merit, exhibit the face, prevent and eliminate the facial spots from appearing. Using Nano Gold Technology products enhances one's true beauty and restore natural youthfulness and glow.

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Bio-Beauty Aromatic Spa is a new and exciting concept that allows all ladies to graciously pamper themselves and indulge in a range of exclusive products/services specially designed to suit the needs of beautiful modern women. It is lavishly decorated in an exquisite style of elegance that mesmerizes one to feel relaxed admidst comfort.

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